About us

Given the increasingly urgent demands for timely and personalised healthcare, VitaCuro's comprehensive IoT enabled digitised healthcare solutions pave a way forward in the dynamic and compelling world of medicine, enabling telemedicine, remote consultation, remote care, chronic care management and post-operative care through integrated mobile applications and web portals that connect patients to doctors, nurses, specialists, hospitals, healthcare providers and emergency services.

Through the implementation of FDA and CE approved integrated medical devices, VitaCuro is able to provide NCD screening and preventive health check at point-of-care, for chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, in addition to connected Bluetooth devices for BP, BMI, ECG, blood glucose, lipid panel, SpO2, auscultation, and HbA1C.

VitaCuro provides easy, affordable and convenient healthcare to patients, that creates a holistic, collaborative and comprehensive medical ecosystem to elevate health outcomes. Encrypted digitized health records allow doctors, labs and patients easy and real-time access, monitoring and case follow-up, conveniently available on your smartphone or computer.

VitaCuro also provides the opportunity to hospitals and other healthcare providers to extend their services from out-patient to remote patients, and facilitates care continuity through digital diagnosis and treatment.


VitaCuro - Enabling better Healthcare delivery

Preventive Health Screening at Point of Care

VitaCuro's digital healthcare solutions facilitate preventive healthcare screening at point of care, telemedicine, remote consultation, chronic-care management, and post-op care.

Powered by IoT, BLE and other integrated medical devices

Our services are powered by integrated medical devices, designed to capture and present medical data accurately and in real time, enabling prompt and efficient results.

Enables accessible and affordable care

VitaCuro facilitates effective and efficient communication between community health centres, clinics, hospitals, and specialists, for live consultation and advice, bringing healthcare to patients' doorstep, and making it cost effective.

VitaCuro - Comprehensive Digitised Healthcare

VitaCuro’s robustly secured cloud technology provides doctors, nurses, dietitians, healthcare providers, and other caregivers, with a secure and real-time access to patient health data, treatment plan and history, as a comprehensive record of their health and wellness, allowing them to advise, consult and monitor patients remotely, yet effectively. VitaCuro's integrated medical devices enable accurate data collection and monitoring for chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.